Well, there’s a little bit of everything going on right now.  The summer season is in the fourth quarter and bottom fish, tuna, salmon, and crab are the target species right now.  Halibut is over and Cabezon is closed.  Here’s a brief synopsis of the current fishing report for Depoe Bay and Newport, OR.

Tuna:  The fish are out there between 27 and 40+ miles.  Most of the action is occurring a little north around the 45 line, and there seems to be tons of fish still swimming around.  On any given day the bite can be red hot.  We had fabulous fishing just a few days ago, then followed by days where boats struggled to get a few fish in the box.  Switching up tactics in order to “dial in” on what the fish want seem to be key.  Some days, clones did not work well, while natural colored cedar plugs put lots of fish in the boat.  Many seasoned fisherman know that the later season tuna like a smaller presentation and sometimes don’t bite as well on the troll.  Chumming the water with dead anchovies and using light gear to jig has been really productive .  Silver irons, swim baits, or a dead anchovy on a small 3/0 hook can be deadly this time of year.  If you want tuna, you have to work for them, and it can be hit or miss this time of year.  Final word:  Tuna fishing is unpredictable, but there’s lots of fish still out there.

Bottom Fish:  Overall rock fishing is showing lots of improvement from the fair fishing conditions this summer.  A nice variety of rock fish are showing up at the docks.  Tiger rock, Vermilion, quill back, blue, black and yellow tail to name a few.  The Ling Cod bite has been good to excellent most of the year.  Many ling cod over 30 inches are fairly common and big boys over 40 inches are hitting the docks almost daily.  Cabezon is closed.  Halibut season is also over. Final word:  Bottom fishing is good to excellent overall.

Salmon:  Salmon fishing has been inconsistent, but there seems to be lots of fish out there.  Perhaps they are spread out?  The commercial fleet really nailed huge scores of Chinook a few weeks ago, with boats putting over 50 fish a day in their boxes.  That ation has slowed down, but the non-selective Coho season just opened this weekend.  Some boats found limits of fish early in the morning, while some struggled to get one fish all day long.  Final word:  Salmon fishing is poor to fair, with a few glimmers of greatness in between.

Crab:  Phenomenal.  That describes it best.  Go get some!

pat ling chinook 575x1024 Fishing Report Depoe Bay and Newport, Oregon