We spoke with a very reliable source today, and he confirmed at least three tuna caught near Heceta in the recent days.  There is no reason not to believe this source, as he is trustworthy and also personal friends with the skipper who caught the fish.  The report really doesn’t surprise us, as we personally have observed the perfect tuna conditions right outside of Depoe Bay at 17 and 28 miles.  We just need someone with enough courage to go and fish that water!   More reports of tuna continue to circulate through the fishing community, with the first reports originating from our commercial fleet out of Newport.  We are fortunate to have close friends in both the commercial and charter businesses, so we are able to provide everyone with the most current and accurate fishing reports.  With that said, there are reports circulating from the commercial guys in Newport, claiming fish being caught out of Coos Bay.  This would make sense, as the warm water extends southward to that large mass we have been tracking a few hundred miles off the coast of California.  If you look at the SSTs, it appears that our warm water is connected to that large mass, kind of like a “goose neck”  up our Oregon coast.  Below is the most recent SST analysis:

washngtn.cf Tuna Fishing Report Depoe Bay and Newport