The Tuna fishing report for Depoe Bay and Newport, Oregon has been red hot over the weekend.  Sorry for the delay in updates, as we have been running trips back to back since last week, and still running without a day off.  Anyhow, the charter boats out of Depoe Bay, including The Amigo, have been coming in with increasingly larger scores as the days progressed over the weekend.  Ranging from 32 up to 76 tuna per boat since Friday.  These fish are of the large grade, with 20 lb fish and larger being very common.  Boats scoring the big numbers are getting multiple hookups and when conditions are right are also using light tackle with great success.  Although we didn’t get the final numbers from the charter boats today, we did confirm 40 fish caught before 1pm from a small local recreational boat, The Fish Dancer.  Good work guys!

Lots of fish are being caught between 18 and 22 miles, with fish being caught as close as 14 miles confirmed, and rumors of fish caught at 8 miles.  We did see jumping tuna at 8 miles Saturday!  We even saw sharks and sun fish at 3 miles from  shore.  The main concentration where many are catching fish has been just north of “The Banana”.  If you would like the latitude and longitude numbers, feel free to “contact us” using the link on our home page or by visiting our Facebook page called, “Your Personal Fishing report”.  We seemed to have found most of our fish in water between 61 and 62 degrees(give or take a couple pints) regardless of water color.  Clear green and clear blue water have both been productive.  Not really much “cobalt blue” water encountered…yet!  If the weather and ocean conditions hold out, we should continue to see a great bite for some days to come!

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