At this very moment, tuna reports are widely varied, but this is normal as there is a lot of excitement in the air.  Rumors and third party information may changed wildly as it’s passed along from fisherman to fisherman.  It’s not the intention to mislead anyone, but when facts are passed along from peron to person, sometimes they are unintentionally “twisted”.  Sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the bad.  We strive to avoid reporting these types of rumors, as we spend allot of time researching the facts.  We want to take a moment to clarify how we make our reports.

We try to report factual and verified information only.  Our reports are gathered from reliable sources, confirmed catches, and satellite imagery.  If we hear a “rumor”, it will be reported that way.  If we verify a confirmed catch, we will report it that way.  If we observe satellite imagery, we will try to show you what we are looking at.  We want to provide the public with the most accurate tuna fishing report possible.  With that being said, we will continue to keep you posted utilizing the sources we listed above.  Thanks for visiting our site, and we hope to see you on the water!  Check out the latest report below:

We were on the water today and continue to see 60 degree water all the way to the beach.  We also observed clear green water at 1 mile.  Reports over the radio today say tuna were caught at 12 miles.  We did not hear these reports ourselves, but the sources are reliable.  We also heard a rumor that fish seem to be scattered, as there is a allot of warm water off our coast right now.  I’m not sure if we can agree with “scattered”, but we can agree with “lots of warm water”.  Fish need to be located, rather than “taking a stab in the dark” for them.  Currents, temperature, breaks, and feed all play a role in locating the most productive fishing areas.  While much of the warm water will have “scattered fish”, you can increase your success rate if you “do your homework” and actively search for areas with some, or all of the factors needed to create am “ideal” location.  Another rumor we heard today stated, “there are no temperature breaks out there.”  Well, the SST imagery below clearly shows there are defined temperature breaks and current breaks.   We look at multiple SST imagery, and none of them are the same, although all of them do show great “tuna water” off our coast right now.  It’s up to us to analyze all the the data and make an educated guess where the tuna may be most abundant.  We try our hardest to provide you with accurate reports.  Sometimes we hit it on the money, and sometimes we may miss that “bulls eye.”  The main point here is, we try to utilize the most current data possible to put together the best fishing strategy possible.  Bottom line… there are tuna waiting to be caught right now!

temps currents 1024x620 Tuna Fishing Report


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